Let Them Have "A"s

The issue of students earning As is like a teeter totter, and I’m not sure which side I fall on.  On the one side (teeter), an A earned on the first time around (project, speech, paper, test) means that student caught on quickly, has that skill or understands the content. This is great!

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Augmented Reality in 10 Objects

"What's the Purpose of Government?"

What is the Purpose of Government?" Here's a question that not many 7th graders have ever thought about.  They did think about it in my class last week, however, as we began to think about why the founding fathers felt the need to declare independence from Great Britain.  As usual, some of the typical responses to this question include things like:

"...to control the people."

"...to keep order."

"...to keep people safe."

Some students even brought up issues of the economy, that a government is necessary for a strong economy.

Let's Create

This week, my high-school aged son has been uber-excited about his Journalism class.  He's not a particularly strong writer, nor does he like to engage people in conversation (which, I think, is an essential element to reporting).  He's more of a computer science and science guy, so I have been quite intrigued at this new-found interest in journalism.  There's something special going on in his journalism class, though, which must be recreated in all classes, in all subjects, at all times.  He has been so excited about it he talks about it all the time-so much that I think he doesn't go to a


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