All You Need is Enthusiasm, Part II

Some time ago, I wrote about being inspired in the classroom, teaching with renewed vigor so that the students would be more engaged in their learning and in their work.  I wanted to take a moment to revisit that original project that I was talking about with my 7th graders.  On that particular day, I had introduced a project to close our study of the Northumbrian Renaissance.  Since I was so excited about all the possibilities for learning and creation, my students were, as well. Actually, I think they left even more enthused than I was.

The completed projects are trickling in.  I am so impressed with the hard work and dedication to excellence that my students have demonstrated. Thanks, also to Dave Burgess, and his Teach Like a Pirate, my inpiration for the extra dose of enthusiasm.  Check it out, and enjoy!



WOW!! The projects turned out amazing! I'm so impressed with the creativity of your students. How wonderful that you offered them so many ways to exercise and express their talents. Congratulations to you and your students on a job well done.

Thanks, Dave. They're still coming in, too. I'll have to do a Part IIB.

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