Constitution Fail

For the past few weeks, 8th graders have been studying the U.S. Constitution in History.  In our analysis of the Bill of Rights, we have been investigating why these particular 10 things were targeted as protections by the founding fathers.  Most immediately, this week we have been discussing and debating the 2nd amendment in particular.  We looked at the most recent Supreme Court opinion, overturning the years-long gun ban in DC, much to my students' horror. 

All You Need is...Enthusiasm


Resources for Non-Textbook Based Inquiry in History

This week there was a lot of inquiry going on in the History room.  The 8th graders were studying the Boston Massacre and the beginnings of the revolution in America; the 6th graders were preparing for press conferences to announce the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by King Menes; the 7th graders presented the results of their week-long inquiry into how the Christian church took over as law and order in Western Europe after Rome fell. 

8th Grade Students Debate Election Issues

Teachers, Let's Slow Down and Teach

Institutional bullying is alive and well.  I learned just how alive and well it is during my recent Student-Led Conferences from a kid who is quiet, reserved, respectful and who has a beautiful mind, but who is not a typical learner.  He is a dreamer; his thoughts are triggered by something going on in the classroom, then he floats away inside himself to dream up fantastic stories of....who knows what. 


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