Resources for Teaching the 2012 Presidential Election

As my 8th grade History students are preparing for their upcoming debates on the most important election issues, I have been compiling important resources for them for research and study.  Some great website are following:

Why Teachers Strike

Teachers are suffering in PA.  Governor Corbett has crippled their ability to even get by in the classroom.  PA teachers are buying their own paper for class; really? The state cannot afford to outfit its schools with paper?

According to the Pennsylvania State Education Association website, last year the governor cut $860 million dollars from the state education budget; this year he aims to cut $100 million more. (Please visit the website for a full explanation of intended cuts and great graphics):

The Art of Digging History

Tips for Going Paperless in the History Classroom

...or,  Here's what's happening in the fourth week of school in the History Room:

1)  Class Blog

Tips for Inquiry in the History Classroom

...Or, our third week back at school.  What's been going on in the History room?

Some time ago, I participated in a twitter chat where the discussion turned to student-centered project-based learning.  Some of the participants were skeptical about a student-centered classroom and project-based learning.  The skeptics believed chaos would reign in a student-centered classroom where student inquiry was happening.


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