On the Importance, Nay Necessity, of Technology Integration in the Classroom

Recently, I have witnessed some debate about the importance of using technology in the classroom. Some argue that technology for technology's sake is not productive for learning.  Some argue that technology, used appropriately, is just another tool to reach students.  Teaching with technology in the 21st century is a necessity.

Use of Political Cartoons in the History Classroom

Every political cartoon has a message; the trick is to decipher that message, since some of them are pretty tricky, although some cartoons are quite obvious.  Check out this cartoon from Time.com/cartoonsoftheweek:

A tool that I find useful in helping my students understand how to analyze political cartoons is through the Library of Congress

Resources for the Digital History Classroom

As an educator, I am committed to sharing the best of the web resources with my students.  Here is a partial list of essential websites that my class cannot live without.  I am partial to those sites that provide primary sources in a kid-friendly presentation.  Location matters, too, so I support those museum websites that we actually frequent often in person (easy to do when located in DC).  Many museums offer excellent online educational resources and lesson plans for teachers.

Please enjoy.  These are just the tip of the iceberg:

According to CNN, police are putting up security cameras in many places to monitor sites. Do you think they should do this?

No! That is a threat to privacy.
50% (3 votes)
Yes! I want to be secure, even if the police watch my every move.
17% (1 vote)
How do they know they are putting the cameras in the right places?
17% (1 vote)
What about my 5th amendment rights, or my 4th amendment rights to privacy?
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6


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