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Sad Truth months 3 weeks ago
RT : Thankful for for sharing their large teaching tools. Excited to teach e-textiles this week.… months 3 weeks ago
RT : Join me tomorrow for as we follow up earlier this month with a chat on Media Literacy in ELA… months 3 weeks ago
RT : Reading and writing skills are required in every subject area. Show students how reading and writing works in your… months 3 weeks ago
Can start by curating our own material. A huge problem is in the textbooks widely used. 4 months 3 weeks ago
Whoever thinks this has no experience with teaching. 4 months 3 weeks ago
RT : Every time I hear college professors complain about teaching back to back classes I think of all the K-12 teachers… months 1 day ago
RT : Two years ago, his girlfriend was shot live on TV. Yesterday, he beat an NRA-backed opponent in an election. months 1 week ago
RT : Amazing cross-curricular projects in Grade 6 Art. Connecting with the Wonder novel. Awesome lesson! months 1 week ago
RT : Hope you can join me this morning at 9:55 in room 113AB as we talk Coaching Like a PIRATE! months 1 week ago